Day 43:  $10,000 Later

Day 43: $10,000 Later

If I won $10,000 and I had to spend it on myself in 24 hours I would hire a stylist to go through my entire closet, revamp it and then have them help me buy amazing new clothes (for work and leisure) in the comfort of my own home. No annoying fitting rooms for me.

Next, is it cheating if I buy a trip and accommodations but my partner just pays for his airfare? If that’s allowed then definitely a trip to Turks & Caicos. 

Lastly, while a spa sounds appealing, I already get regular massages and do my nails so no need to really spend money on that (it’s so overpriced anyways). 

If I have any money left over, I’d go play some craps at the casino. Ha!

What a great day this would be!

Xo K

Day 42: Reading People

Day 42: Reading People